All Trades Restoration Services

warranty info

Specifics of the warranty

All Trades Restoration Services warranties workmanship for five (5) years

Any accrued damages to the stated property for all units that is a direct result of faulty workmanship on the part of All Trades Restoration Services will be repaired to pre-existing condition. This warranty covers against any craftsmanship defects for all trades and work conducted by All Trades Restoration Services. Any necessary associated correction will be handled in a workman like manner. In the event of interior damage caused by water infiltrating through the roof surface, which is a direct result of faulty workmanship on the part of All trades Restoration Services, all repairs and associated costs to repair said damages will be the responsibility of the warrantor.

This warranty does not include damage to the siding, gutters, roofs, or interior, caused by fire, gale (55mph) force winds, ice, natural disaster, or impact of foreign objects. This warranty does not cover alterations to the roof deck caused by other parties or for foundation settlement, distortion, or failure of either the walls or foundation of the building. This warranty does not cover general wear and tear to the roof, siding and gutters system or damage done by other parties. This warranty is non-transferable.

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