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Mortgage Company Loss Draft Process

1) Endorse Insurance Claim Check

2) Mail to the Mortgage Company’s Loss Draft Department

3) Fax or Mail Required Documents:
• Insurance Co. Paperwork
• Copy of Contractor’s Estimate
• Certificate of Completion
• IRS W-9 for Contractor
• Contractor’s Lien Waiver

4) Mortgage Co. will Release Full or Partial Disbursements as the Project is Completed.

5) Requires a Final Inspections of the Property by a Representative of the Mortgage Co.

*All Trades Restoration can Assist in this Process from Start to Finish. The Average Time Spent by our Staff to Assist is 6-8 Hours. This is Valuable Time Saved for You.

All Trades Restoration Services pride ourselves on being On Site… On Point… and On Your Side!