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Estimating with Xactware

With Xactimate, estimating a project
is as simple as:


streamline claims estimating

Insurers, loss adjusters, restoration and reconstruction contractors, and specialized service
providers who use Xactimate to estimate repair costs achieve greater speed and accuracy in their claims-handling workflows.

In fact, one contracting company can now estimate insurance work 20% faster than with conventional methods.

xactimate helps you to:

• Save time and money in creating estimates
• Create more accurate, detailed, and professional-looking estimates
• Access the most up-to-date and reliable pricing information
• Sketch complicated roofs effortlessly from readily-available aerial images
• Automate and streamline your estimating processes
• Organize and manage your projects
• Overcome language barriers in preparing estimates

Eagleview Sample report

Construction and Contractors

Contractors use EagleView reports throughout the entire roofing job lifecycle: from the minute a lead is received to making the sales presentation, from accurately ordering materials and calculating waste to the final job closing and warranty packet. The report is a powerful tool that can help contractors increase profitability, improve safety and reduce stress.

Accuracy You Can Rely On. Guaranteed

Since creating the aerial roof measurement industry in 2008, EagleView has measured millions of roofs throughout the United States. Tested tens of thousands of times by roofing contractors and insurance companies, you can rest assured that the measurements are the most accurate available.

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