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The Siding of a house is just as important as the roof. After all, it protects what’s on the inside from the outside. Its also the component of a house that shows the most, has a great ability to promote energy efficiency, and is the most aesthetic feature of a home. There are many types of siding including brick, stone, aluminum, vinyl, wood, stucco, concrete, steel, and lots of composites on the market.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is Final is an industry adage due to its low maintenance properties.
Vinyl is a consumer choice considering its energy efficiency and its ability to resist rot and withstand undesirable weather conditions. A properly installed vinyl job will increase the value of your home and increase your marketability during resale. It’s easy to wash and manufacturing technology has lead to a thicker product than aluminum or metal siding adding long term durability. The color choices are almost as wide as the color spectrum.

Metal Siding

Often referred to as aluminum metal wrap, metal siding can go right over previously painted surfaces with a unique enamel painted aluminum coil wrap. A metal wrap is an alternative to vinyl and can be bent into various shapes covering your widow seals, doorways, and garage surrounds. Metal is also available in many colors and also offers a maintenance free end product. Although metal jobs are often continuous, there are stop and start points that are sealed by weather-tested sealants eliminating water penetration and also in place to protect your investment.

Wood Shake Siding

A shake is a basic wooden shingle that is made from split logs. Shakes have traditionally been used for roofing and siding applications around the world. In either situation, properly installed shakes provide long lasting weather protection and a rustic aesthetic, though they require more maintenance than some other more modern weatherproofing systems.

Steel Siding

One of the primary advantages of steel lies in its durability. It can be dented, but it is rarely destroyed. Also, steel siding is highly resistant to both fire and water. Steel siding shares the same benefits as vinyl or aluminum when it comes to ease of maintenance. All the care it requires is the occasional, thorough washing with a garden hose. There is no danger of insect damage, and it never needs to be re-painted. However steel siding can be dented like a car leading to chipping which leads to rusting.

Vinyl Siding vs. Aluminum and Steel Siding

Vinyl siding is more flexible than aluminum, allowing it to bend to almost any form. Aluminum siding is more rigid over vinyl and when bent past its limit will crack and break apart. The rigid property of aluminum siding has the ability to create unresolvable dents. In most dented repairs the pieces around the damaged piece must be removed as well. Once this happens you disturb the next piece and the next piece leading to a larger repair area. Vinyl siding is almost twice the thickness of aluminum siding and can easily be removed and replaced with minimum affect on the surrounding panels.

Temperature Conduction

Vinyl siding is a non-conductor meaning it does not conduct heat or cold, where aluminum and steel sidings do, adding to less R factor than vinyl. Vinyl sidings actually have an insulating value, which adds to the insulating protection of your home.

Siding Coloring

Vinyl siding is a solid through color product and includes a protective coating of 15 plus percent of the thickness. This fact alone has led to standard manufacture warranties of up to 15 years. Aluminum siding is painted and will fade or chip over time leading to future maintenance. Steel Siding is painted the same but when steel chips or flakes, it creates rusting, which creates discoloration and future maintenance issues.

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