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The Claims Process

Storm Damage which often includes water, wind, fire, and hail damage can cause extensive damage to not only your home but also your detached, and attached structures, lighting, gutters, doors and windows, hot tub covers, decks, railing and more. Most homeowners don’t have any idea where to start when Mother Nature strikes. Here’s the ATRS Fast Five, five things all homeowners should initially do.

Fast Five

1. Locate the contact information for the claims department listed on your homeowner’s policy. Click on our Claims Contact Numbers for a quick list of direct dial numbers to most regional and national carriers.

2. Before calling take time to jot down the information that most carriers want to know. Know your date of loss, or the exact date the damage took place. Know the type of peril (hail, wind, fire, water, etc.). Be prepared to field the question, have you had your property inspected?

3. Before ending your call make sure that you receive a claim number from the agent. This signifies that you successfully recorded a claim, and will be the main number referencing your claim through out the claims process.

4. Ask the claims representative if they know whom the claims specialist assigned to your claims number (case) will be. When initial contact occurs between you and your claims specialist be sure and provide them with your claim number. More than likely they will have multiple cases and will not know you by name. The claims number is also the number that the insurance adjuster will reference when adjusting and recording your property loss.

5. Expect a call from an insurance adjuster, usually within several days, however it may be longer based on the extent of damage to your geographical area. The adjuster will want to schedule an appointment to review your damage. That’s where we come in. We strongly advise the homeowner to be present as well as one of our ATRS field representatives. call (800) 928-4703 for a free site visit. ATRS will accompany you free of charge during this initial damage assessment meeting. You can coordinate this meeting directly with the adjuster and advise us of the time that you have selected, or give them our number and we can coordinate this meeting for you. In doing this, we can meet with your insurance adjuster and you at an agreed upon time to review the damage together. Having a specialist meet with you on your behalf will ensure your properties damage is assessed at fair market value.

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