All Trades Restoration Services

Mission Statement

ALL TRADES RESTORATION SERVICES is dedicated to providing fast and ethical services for residential and commercial property owners in times of distress. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, team-based performance, and quality workmanship to both insurers and their policy holders in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Massive Hail Storms

The massive storms that plague the Midwest and East Coast each year do over $10 billion in damages each year and can often be catastrophic in scope. In 2001 in Kansas City, for example, $2 billion in damages occurred, the costliest single hailstorm in U.S. history. Total insured losses across all natural disasters reached nearly $40 billion in the United States in 2011. Left to pick up the pieces are homeowners and commercial property owners, who then have to deal with insurance companies to attempt to get a fair settlement. While the residential market is very competitive with hail-damage specialists, the commercial sector is underrepresented. It has its own rules and regulations, and most contractors are not qualified to work in this market.

Exterior and Interior

ATRS is unique in the fact that we specialize in both residential and commercial storm restoration and also scope Exterior and Interior restoration work, while most storm contractors only scope exterior work.

Founded By

ALL TRADES RESTORATION SERVICES was founded in part by an expert (Thane Hearne) in the hail-damage restoration industry who along the way developed a unique business model that allows rapid, high quality, and ethical servicing for residential and commercial properties in need of repair. Thane is well known throughout the industry and has a track record of getting clients fair settlements from the large insurance companies. His collective strengths and construction and insurance background all result in quality management, supervision, workmanship, and great customer service for ALL-TRADES RESTORATION CUSTOMERS. He is also an expert in the unique set of building codes, insurance processes, material specs, claims adjustment procedures, and final building inspection requirements for commercial and residential properties.


ATRS deploys teams of managers and salespeople within 24 hours of a substantial Catastrophic Natural Disaster. We set up a home office in the region and begin serving and assisting residential and commercial property owners within 2-3 days of an initial event. We then deploy construction teams, with onsite supervisors to complete all construction trades at the highest quality, using leading products from manufacturers such as GAF, Owens Corning, Certainteed, Hardy Board, and more. ALL TRADES RESTORATION SERVICES has in place an industry-leading Quality Control process that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Competitive Edge

ATRS gains a competitive edge by providing quick estimating with the industry-leading Scope Assist Software, allowing for all-encompassing onsite estimation. ALL TRADES RESTORATION SERVICES salespeople are equipped with iPad’s and are ready to quickly present property owners with thorough estimates that typically are much higher than the insurance company’s estimates due to our teams exhaustive and intensive inspection and estimating process. ATRS will provide an equitable resolution of the customer’s claim, with little or no out of pocket expense.

Commercial Specialization

• Apartment complexes
• Condo developments
• Community businesses
• Shopping centers
• Churches
• Schools
• Warehouse space
These businesses have special requirements that most residential contractors are not equipped to handle. For example, commercial buildings have a whole unique set of building codes, insurance processes, material specs, claims adjustment procedures, and final building inspection requirements. As a result, business owners are often left to choose from local contractors that are not skilled in working with commercial restoration projects nor working with shrewd commercial insurance adjusters.

Commercial Property Owner Statistics

According to an independent study of data from industry firm NDC, 80% of commercial property owners receive substantially lower amounts than are due for their individual projects, and 75% of commercial claims audited had over $10,000 of missed property damages. In addition, a survey of property managers who had previously managed storm-inflicted commercial property found that 75% said if it were to occur again they would hire a specialist to manage their project and represent their claim. ALL-TRADES RESTORATION offers commercial businesses a better way to rehab their properties after storm damage while getting the highest possible settlement.

Additional Services

Additional roofing services and products include: Low-Slope Roofing (TPO, EPDM, BUR) Slate Roofing (Evergreen Slate), Clay Tile Roofing (Ludowici Roof Tile), and Concrete Tile Roofing (Hanson Tile).

If you are in Missouri, please contact our Local Missouri office at (314) 759-8771,if you are in Illinois, please contact our Local Illinois office at (314) 759-8771, if you are in Indiana, please contact our Local Indiana office at (314) 759-8771, to request a Free HAAG Certified Inspection Report. We welcome the opportunity to serve our customers’ needs both in the residential and commercial sectors.

All Trades Restoration Services pride ourselves on being On Site… On Point… and On Your Side!