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Seamless Aluminum Gutter Systems

The most common home gutter system is a Seamless Aluminum Gutter System, which can be installed on most homes in about a half a day. Seamless aluminum gutters will add beauty and water-protection to your home. Seamless gutters are measured and manufactured on site and custom tailored to fit your home. ATRS will inspect your fascia for rot and do a site survey to determine if a leaf guard system needs to be in place. Seamless gutter systems are helpful in the prevention of sidewalk frost heaves and serious foundation problems. Our Aluminum Gutter Systems are available in over 65 colors, as well as custom colors to match your fascia. We also have custom options including mitered end caps, rain chains, and specialty materials to add to the look and style of your home.

What is a Seamless Gutter System?

Our installers will bring an aluminum roll-forming machine to your site along with a roll of aluminum in your jobs specified color. The ATRS installers will form the gutter in custom lengths on site according to your project specifications. Do-It-Yourself purchases from home improvement stores will be in 10′ lengths, requiring several seams along a length of gutter. This causes more potential for leaks, reduces the integral strength of the gutter pieces, highly increases the chance that gutter will not be straight for the entire length giving it improper pitch along the gutter obstructing the most efficient flow of water through the system, and lastly, it just looks bad.

Gutter Profiles

Our Seamless Gutters are the standard K-style seen on most homes. We also install half-round gutter systems. Our half-round installations are installed seamlessly in lengths of up to 20 feet. We also offer custom-designed profiles to compliment any style or design for your project.


Our Seamless Gutters are available with a variety of downspout options, from standard 2×3″, 3″ round, 3×4″ (commercial applications,) or even custom-designed downspouts to best fit your application. The pitch of the roof and the length of the run dumping into the downspout determine the size of the downspout. All of our downspouts are custom designed to handle the amount of volume required to remove the water from the roof.

Gutter Accessories

• Splash blocks: available in different colors and style.
• Downspout Extensions: additional piece of downspout added on to the bottom of the downspout to move the water further away from the foundation of the house.
• Flip spouts: a type of downspout extension; extension has a joint at the base and can be rotated up and latched while mowing etc.
• Rain chains: standard logging-style chain and many decorative chains available.
• Mitered End caps: like the custom mitered corners, we can miter the end caps so the profile of the gutter continues from the face onto the end cap.

Gutter Screens/Guards

The most commonly installed gutter screen is a simple mesh screen that snaps onto the top of the gutter, and is available in various colors. Gutter screens prevent mid to large size leaves, twigs and other debris from entering the gutter system and blocking the flow of water. Needles and other fine debris may still enter the system, but they are typically flushed through the system and do not cause blockage. Most of the debris caught on top of the screens will be dispersed by the wind. There is a variety of other gutter protection systems on the market and were always happy to discuss other options with our customers. Remember, you should always inspect your gutter system annually for blockage and taking time to clean and maintain a gutter system can double or triple the life of the gutter system.

What other type gutter systems do you have?

We also install Copper, Acrylume, and Rusted Steel Gutter Systems. Acrylume is a product similar to galvanized steel. Our rusted steel gutter system is installed with a beautiful spectrum of rust on the outside of the gutter, while the inside remains coated to protect the system and the water running through it. We can install any type of gutter system that you may need and always go back with a gutter system that matches what you had unless directed otherwise.

What if our gutters freeze?

Heat tape is a basic gutter mounted ice melt system, which we recommend on north facing gutters or any gutter or downspout location known to have a freezing problem. Without an ice melt system, gutters and downspouts may fill with ice, rendering the gutter system nonfunctional and possibly causing damage to the gutters, downspouts, or roof. We do not install heat tape or any other ice melt system ourselves as it involves electrical work. We have qualified associates we can recommend if you are interested.

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